Trim and Finish Carpentry

Woodwork can define a room if it is done properly. It can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. At Level Home Improvements, you have the benefit of working with Stan Romanek, a master in trim and finish carpentry. This is not a skill that every contractor has; instead, it takes years of practice and hands-on experience to not only do, but do well. Stan Romanek has been doing trim, finish and crown molding in the Bergen and Passaic County areas for 15 years. His work speaks for itself and can be seen throughout this site.

Trim and Finish Carpentry

At Level Home Improvements, we are fanatical about moldings and trim work and it is a major aspect of our business. We not only do it – we do it right. We have the experience for your job and have dedicated ourselves to a study of classical design, making sure that your project is architecturally correct and fit with the style of your home.

Whether you are looking to build a mantel to become a focus of a room or add some space-saving, eye catching built-ins, Level Home Improvements is the one for the job.

Trim work is more than just nailing moldings to a wall. It all starts with proper design. Our library of classical design references is almost as large as our collection of precision tools. This is our passion. We actively study design and pattern books and even tour historic homes with timeless design for inspiration.

I am sure that you have visited homes where the moldings don’t match up, the seams are evident, or the moldings have been installed upside down. You’ve seen it done wrong. If you want it done right, call Level Home Improvements. Contact us now to set up an appointment.

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