Level Home Improvements

Home Improvements by Stan Romanek - Level Home ImprovementsLevel Home Improvements LLC is an owner-operated remodeling company founded in 2009 by Stan Romanek. After amassing over fifteen years of experience in the carpentry trade, Stan made the decision to go out on his own, which gave him the freedom to be his own boss and the opportunity to follow his passion.

Level Home Improvements is now a company dedicated to providing homeowners with the highest level of quality and professionalism in the industry. We strive to be nothing less than masters of our craft. We build our projects to last, so that future generations can enjoy their beauty and respect the craftsmanship.

Have you ever walked into a 100 year-old home, looked around, and thought to yourself, “some really good carpenters must have built this place” or “they used to build things to last.” Our mission is to build projects that even our great grandchildren could be proud of.

When you decide to hire Level Home Improvements for your next project, you are not only getting Stan, but you are also getting all the enthusiasm that he brings to his work. Hiring Level Home Improvements does not mean that Stan only shows up to look at the job or to collect a check. Hiring Level Home Improvements means that Stan will be on-site at all times, not just some of the time. Hiring Level Home Improvements means that Stan will be physically working on your project, everyday, wearing a tool belt, and swinging a hammer.

One thing that we do not claim to be is a “Jack of All Trades:” that is why we use subcontractors. We truly believe that certain trades are performed best by their respective professionals, such as plumbing, electrical, tile, and masonry. And we only hire the best. All of our subcontractors have years of experience and we have longstanding relationships with them that you can trust.

We are also on the cutting edge of technology and on top of the ever-changing governmental regulations. We are an EPA Certified Firm and Renovator who is authorized to complete any “Renovation, Repair and Painting” or “RRP” project you might have.


If you are reading this page right now, then you must realize the importance of the Internet. We too realize its importance and use it frequently in many facets of our daily life. The Internet is perhaps one of the best resources for solving some of the biggest challenges a remodeler can face today. Whether it involves researching the newest products on the market or learning a new technique, we use the Internet to help us produce the best finished product for our clients.


Being a successful businessman means keeping open lines of communication with other contractors from around the globe. Stan is a frequent contributor on the JLConline.com, TheContractorsClub.com, and ContractorTalk.com, which are online forums for contractors. Utilizing these forums, Stan is able to offer and obtain advice, consult, and collaborate with contractors from every corner of the world with an exclusive peer-to-peer system.


“An idea is salvation by imagination.” Frank Lloyd Wright. We like to think that the process of learning, both professionally and personally, is a lifelong journey.

Today, continuing education is becoming more and more vital as the products in our industry are changing and becoming increasingly complex. A home is no longer built with just wood, brick, and plaster. Modern construction involves the use of synthetics, laminates, composites, recycled material, and “green products.” A contractor in today’s day and age needs to be aware of the ever-changing installation techniques and methods for these products. You will find Stan attending local and regional events, such as JLCLive, a residential construction show hosted by the Journal of Light Construction magazine. Here, Stan has the opportunity to bring Level Home Improvements face-to-face with manufacturers, distributors, and other service providers while learning about the newest advances in the industry.

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